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Powerful dryers for your vehicles!

Drying is an essential step after washing. If the vehicle is stored while it's still wet, the risk of corrosion is very high. Drying your vehicle is therefore essential to prevent rust, but it's a tricky thing to perform with a rag, as many positions can't be reached by hand. Thanks to our dryer systems, you can give your vehicle a professional drying in just a few minutes. Every nook and cranny is perfectly dried, and your vehicle is ready for the garage! Our range enables you to dry all vehicles quickly and professionally: bikes, e-bikes, scooters, motorcycles, sidecars, quads, buggies, SSVs, cars and 4x4s.


The Brühl MD1400 is our smallest model, particularly well-suited to bicycles and e-bikes. The compact size and low weight make it easy to handle. The 1400-watt turbine provides the perfect power to remove all water build-up.
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Our MD1900+ can dry most vehicles, including motorcycles, quads and SSVs. Thanks to the 500W activatable heat booster, this model is perfectly designed for the coldest regions.
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MD2800 PRO

Our MD2800 Pro is the most powerful in the range, thanks to its double turbine. Fast drying of large vehicles, such as cars and motorhomes, is a matter of minutes. The MD2800 Pro is particularly popular with detailers and professional garages.
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  • My hair dryer does the same thing!

    No! A hair dryer is designed to heat air and project it at low power. The produced heat is highly likely to damage vehicle plastics and paintwork. Our vehicle dryers project air with the right temperature and with just the right amount of power to quickly remove moisture.
  • My compressor too!

    Nice try... but no! A compressor sprays cold air very violently from a narrow nozzle. If you hold it locally on the bodywork or a trim piece, it's the best way to damage it. Our dryers have large nozzles and the ideal pressure to remove the water without damaging the vehicle.
  • I'll take a ride after washing!

    Driving after washing dries some of the water from the surface. However, there are corners where no wind arrives and the water remains. In addition, it is often not possible or desirable to drive after a wash. Off-road vehicles, classic cars or poorly ventilated city garages are good reasons to park your vehicle 100% dry!